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do you know where..? chicagoans only?

there is wrestling toy store in chicago? dont say toys r us. do you know. any answers appreciated. thanks!


I do not know what exactly you want to do but if you want to share your desktop files you need to configure both desktop and laptop to use the same name for the workgroup because if you don?t they can?t see each other . After it is done select folders or files of desktop you want to access from laptop . If you want to get control of mouse and/or keyboard of your desktop then you need to access your desktop through Internet connection using a freeware software like UltraVNC installing it as a server in your desktop selecting a option to let the mouse and keyboard be controlled by the other computer (laptop in your case) . On the laptop just install the UltraVNC Viewer. Don?t forget to password protect your desktop because if you don?t other users can get access to your desktop . After it is done just run the UltraVNC in your laptop and type user name and password when you asked to ( your desktop should be on and only its desktop visible). Now you will be able to do everything in your desktop using your laptop as if you were in front of your desktop .
It depends in what spectral range the radiation is. If it is infra-red, you will definitely feel it. However, if it is ultraviolet, you won't feel it until after it has burned you. In the x-ray, gamma ray, alpha particle range, you won't feel it untilo after the damage is done. If it is strong enough, the damage will occur quickly (hours) and you will feel radiation sickness (vomiting, vision problems, topical burns, diarrhea, etc). As little as 100 roentgens is enough to cause radiation sickness.

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