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do you need a class B CDL to drive a tri axle in Connecticut?

Just wondering if you need a class A or a class B to drive a Tri Axle in the state of Connecticut .


A Tri Axle WHAT? If it's a straight truck like a box cargo truck or a dump truck, then a CDL-B is adequate, but if it's a three-axle tractor pulling a trailer, then you need a CDL-A
May 28, 2018
No they wouldn't be legally obligated. But I would trust the first shop in the future. Although it would have boosted their end of month sales, it's was the right advise to give. Tires are considered legal as long as the wear bars aren't visible. Any shop has a right to refuse you service as long as they don't violate your cicil rights in the process. If something were to happen to you that is directly related to the tires, you'd probably sue the shop for not warning you as opposed to thanking them for doing the job anyway. Fact is though, as low as your tread is, I'd have opted for new tires as opposed to rotation. With this being the rainy season, more tread is going to help you more than less tread. And you are almost at the minimum.
May 28, 2018
Tires have a wear bar located on them. If you look at the tire and follow the valley between the treads around the circumference of the tire you will find a raised piece in the valley of the tire. If your treads have worn down to or past the raised piece then the tire should be replaced.
May 28, 2018
how deep the grooves are. 4/32 or(1/8) would be minimal tread depth, after that it is considered bald.
May 28, 2018

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