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dodge ram 1500 2wheel drive rear axle problems?

ok it started when I was driving along and all of a sudden the truck wouldnt move allthough the drive line was still spinning and the speedometer said I was moving the passenger side axle looks to have come loose when I jacked truck up and pulled off the tire then went to pull off the brake hub the entire axle pulled away.I took off the cover to the differential and everything looked ok except for I found a very thin piece of metal that looked to be snapped was hoping to get a little guidance on where to go from here the gears all looked ok as far as I know the only thing that looked out of place was that thin piece of metal that was circular curve to it and maybe 1/4 centimeter thick and 2 or three inches long


that's the keeper that holds the axle in, for some reason it has came loose or worn out and fell off or broken,either way though it will have to be repaired ,i have seen that happen to high mileage vehicles before,another thing that will cause this is a worn out wheel bearing ,have it repaired though ,and make sure the job is done right,your real lucky you caught it when you did,good luck with it.
May 28, 2018
It appears that for some reason the horseshoe clip that holds the axle in has come off. I have never seen this happen, but I am not saying it is not possible. There should be a lot of fine shavings from wear in there, so I would take it to an expert to diagnose the necessary repair.
May 28, 2018
You can buy an overhaul kit from the dealer for the whole rear end, but it doesn't include the bearings, for the pinion gear and is a tricky job to do when it comes to reinstalling everything, without a Chilton or manufacturer's manual, and you really need an experienced mechanic to do it no offernce, but I think you should let a pro do it ok sorry
May 28, 2018

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