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Does a alarm clock produce much radiation?

Apparantly an alarm clock produces a lot of radiation?Every night i sleep with an alarm clock next/near my head? Is that bad, should i move it further away?How far away if this is true?Thank you


Its not that ghosts are electromagnetic- its that em field detectors sense an extremely wide range of electromagnetic fields and energy- much much more of the em spectrum than our eyes/ears can detect. Everything, from molecular vibrational heat to gamma rays, is an EM (Electro-Magnetic)spectrum waveform- that the EM detectors listen to to reveal any deviation in its vicinity. Its like listening to the FM radio- but ALL channels at the same time (and yes, FM radio frequency is a small section of the entire EM spectrum as well). If any of the channels starts to play music, the EM detector squeals, telling us that something changed, that we ourselves may be unable to detect. This is why they use them to try to detect something that they dont completely understand- if the EM detector detects something, then they can study that phenominon to see if they can discover/learn something about it. But for the TV/interenet ghost hunters of the world, the mere fact that the EM detector does squeal every now and then seems to be taken as proof of ghosts all in itself. Unfortunately.
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