does any one know of?

Hi looking for a m/c front wheel tyre that has a square section shape/profile as against the round profile tyres. Size is 19 wheel, 110/80. Despite ‘trawling‘ not found one yet. Thanks. Andy Pandy.


Andy seems to be looking for a sidecar use front tire- he had a couple posts about his sidecar needs and that is why he is looking for the flat profile on front end that won't be leaned over while sidecar is mounted. Bridgestone 'trials/universal street' was one of old types used often on Limey rigs, some people with the Harley sporty sidecar rigs used a Vrederstein(?) model A ford antique replacement tire on 19 inch wheels. Continental made sidecar street tires with the flatter profile- but they weren't cheap. .
Motorcycle front tires NEED to have a rounded profile shape to provide a consistant footprint and steering control. If you had a flat shape front tire, every time you leaned over to go around a corner, the tire would climb up on the edge and lose traction and you'd lose steering control.
The only thing I can think of would be from an old military hack rig those fronts looked like a squared off trials tire

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