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Does anyone have any good ideas for projects?

Does anyone have any good ideas for projects. I have a few ideas like putting a mini fridge in a lazy boy or making a bp table. Anyone have some good ideas or maybe a link to a website that has crafty inventions?


Like some of the others, I would put a certain amount of it towards different charities. Some for the homeless, some for helpless animals, that sort of thing. Then I would use some of it for travelling. I'd go to England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Australia (and visit Alex and BD while I'm at it!), India, China, Japan, and Spain. And probably some more places whose names escape me at the moment. And then I'd buy a nice house. A somewhat modest house, though. Right now, I love the look of those houses that are made completely of brick, and they're just this two-story rectangle and that's it. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice somehow and even though it looks plain, it looks classy and elegant. Or I'm crazy. But lets not talk about that. And in that house, I'd put a nice amount of that money into creating a good-sized library. It would have shelving that goes up to the top of the high ceiling, authentic wooden bookshelves, one of those stairs on wheels so my short self can reach high up, comfty sitting chairs, a fireplace, a few grand pieces of art, and mosaic tiling on the floor. The walls wouldn't have color because they'd be covered with shelves. I'd also use some of the money for buying some really nice pieces of oil paintings for the house. Depending on the size of the house, I might get an addition if I need more space for anything. I'd get myself a herd of doggies. Greyhounds, I think, or maybe labradors. Or both. But there would be a lot of them. And after all that was done, I'd settle into that brick house, spend my time with my woofers (doggies- they go woof!), friends, family, books, writing, and art. I'd publish more than a few books. I'd become a fantastic painter. And I would have the best life in the entire world. The end.
LOL - what does a home alarm system and monitoring service have to do with this forum, Home Theater Electronics? Browse through the over 100 Y/A Categories for a forum where the participants might be interested in your question. Consumer Electronics-General maybe. Hint: when you re-post in an appropriate forum, you might want to include where you live, if you are asking about installation and monitoring service!

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