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Does anyone know where i can get a pair of axle adjusters for my felt chasm 09?



and what do axle adjusters do,i must laugh because after looking that up online i see that it is nothing more than a bicycle, the adjustments are done by you, i have never needed a kit for that. if you are talking about the torque on the bearings, no kit needed, just the lock nut. if you are talking about positioning in the forks, once again no kit needed, position it and lock it down.
May 28, 2018
Yes, should be changed according to manufacturer's recommendation - - - the fluid wears out to some degree (loosing lubricating ability) as well as gets contaminated with metal particles, etc. I personally don't like having a trany flushed with one of those machines some shops use hoses inserted down the dipstick tube - the transmission filter never gets changed. . . . a proper service is draining the transmission torque converter, taking bottom pan off transmission, new filter, new fluid.
May 28, 2018
yes it would be a good idea to change the fluid and filter ! i changed the fluid in cars with more miles on them then you have on yours and they are still running ! with 100,000 miles i would not be putting it off too long or it can mess up the valve body then you will be looking at a lot more then a fluid and filter change !
May 28, 2018
Its never a bad idea to change your transmission fluid! But if you cant afford it well there not much you can do but get that done ASAP
May 28, 2018

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