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Does POLYESTER resin dry really slowly if it's cold?

it's around 45 degrees f at my house, I'm molding a fiberglass paddle.I'm using this stinky polyester resin to wet-out. On the back it says if it's 70-80 degrees use 12 drops of hardener per fl oz, but it's only 45 degrees and I still used 12 drops, will it still work just work slower?


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Projects like yours are difficult to estimate without knowing all the details: things like location, accessibility, depth of bury, cause of failure, type of material and number of connections or fittings, all play a role in preparing a proposal. Therefore it’s difficult to evaluate your specific quote. I can talk about solving your pipe problem. Replacing the pipe is one option, but there are a couple of different in-place pipe repair techniques that could save you time as well as money. One option, pipe bursting, involves bursting your existing pipe from within while pulling a new pipe through the space to replace the old one. This is one possibly viable solution to your problem, there are several including a cured-in-place lining. Many local plumbers offer this technology and can prepare a proposal for you at no cost. I'd recommend getting at least 2-3 bids so you can compare prices.

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