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Dream about Cranes.........?

I had this dream where I was watching a flock of Sandhill Cranes on a road. Cars were swerving to avoid them, but one sporty red car lost control and smashed into a brick wall, killing some of the birds. The rest of the cranes started freaking out, flapping their wings and coming towards me. They were so frightened that they started to defecate too. Soon though, there was so much bird poop that it became like a river ready to engulf me. It was like a glowing white too (really weird, I know).Then, their legs turned into human legs, and the cranes turned into tall, beautiful humans with wings - angels, I think. These beings radiated power and filled me with terror as they approached. They must have been 8 feet tall and they towered over me. One red-headed angel looked at me when he passed, and I was so terrified that I woke up.Any ideas about what this could mean? It's one of the most powerful dreams I've ever had.


First of all, to see a crane in your dream, represents happiness, maternal love, and your gestures of good will. You look out for those who are near and dear to you. Alternatively, a crane signifies tact, immortality or vigilance. Furthermore, dreaming of an angel can mean two things. Purity, protection, comfort and consolation. Pay careful attention to the message that the angels are trying to convey. These messages serve as a guide toward greater fulfillment and happiness. Alternatively, it signifies an unusual disturbance in your soul. Angels may appear in your dream as a result of your wicked and mean-hearted activities.

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