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Dreams about zombies and an elevator?

Any help telling me what this is all about is much appreciatedI had this dream where I was in an elevator with some people who I didn't know and we kept searching for a floor that was safe to go to where we could escape a very large building, Most of the floors were filled with zombies that we had to fight offSome had normal people who we didn't believe were normal people, and we usually left them on the floor they were atThen shortly after we found a group of a bunch of children and their teacher was trying to make them go outside where the zombies were to try and escapeI told them it was dangerous and tried to save the kids from going outside but they didn't listenThen it was just me alone and I escaped in a helicopter that was on the roof of the building and made it to a town in the mountains where there weren't any zombies and thats about itVery strange, but can anyone please help me figure out what that meansThanks.


Oh god! I can't believe it! I had a similar dream on Jan-01-08 I am 22 years old and in my dream I was in the elementary school where I studied and zombies were following me and I tried to escape taking the stairs up or hiding in classrooms but I could not finally someone helped me to scape and I were walking 'till my house and I saw an airplane of war in the sky it was SO big and I was sacaredI know it does not help you but I just wanted to share it with you because I see it very similar to my dream.

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