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electrodeposition of Aluminum?

Hi,I am trying to electrodeposit aluminum from ionic liquid +AlCl3 solution, but somehow, I found a lots ofamount of AlCl3 deposited on my substrateEven though I followed the instruction from the papers I have redI only can have small amount of aluminum.Does anyone know what is the problem??


iron is smelted via a mix of heating and helpIn nature, iron exists as a cation (Fe2+ or Fe3+) in compounds with different factorsit desires to be converted to Fe impartial (decreased or given electrons) and separated from the gangue, the ineffective residuals interior the orenormally carbon (coke) is the reductant (electron source)The separation from the gangue is executed via melting, the gangue (slag) varieties an unmelted epidermis on the iron (or the iron is poured out in the process the backside of the furnace) yielding the pig iron, an impure iron requiring extra medical care to make organic iron or a number of steelsthere are ameliorations on the approach, yet it is the undemanding concept.
You say you are trying to electro deposit Al from solution presumably in waterYou will not get Al that way as H+ ions are preferentially discharged to Al3+ [due to their position in the electrochemical series] If it was that simple Al would be commercially made that way instead of having to use molten Al2O3 + cryolite flux.

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