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Exhaust Header, or Catback Exhaust System?

I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L and was looking to get either a performance Header, or Catback Exhaust system. Which would be better in terms of HP and MPG gains?(Also I currently have an error code for the catalytic converter as well, but heard a o2 simulator could just fix that)


Don't let the first person who answered your question discourage you. A complete exhaust up-grade including a factory legal Catalytic converter will buy you a minumum of 5 hp. A cat back buys you nothing. Headers are where its at!
well to get the max out of performance parts a combination is always the best way to go, exhaust header would be the way to go, neither will give you the hp that most people expect, but that also depends on future bolt ons mods, you may see a increase in mpg but very little
CAT back exhaust as no point in getting a performance header when exhaust cannot handle it

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