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Fiberglass resin alone?

If i build a box out of 1x6 pine boards attached by stips of wood screws to them then after that coat the outside and inside with the fiberglass resin and hardner?


I live in iowa and we have really warm summers (normally) and cold winters. My husband hates it up here and he is used to florida weather. MD does get cold and very snowy. Driving in snow isn't that hard and they have made snow blowers for the snow. My husband is the complete opposite from yours. He wants to move back to where it is warm. Me personally i love the snow but hate the cold. I don't think you will like it but you never know. Nothing in my opinion beats a white christmas. Think about it before you go though changing climate can effect multiple things such as your health and allergies.
You will love the changing of seasons. Tell your husband your going on a trial basis, if in 2 yrs it isn't working for you you guys are moving back. I also hate cold so just dress warm with sweaters, fleecy pants, etc..
cold weather isn't really that bad. just make sure you have salt to melt the snow and get a good snow blower so you don't have to shovel the snow. also try to get a house with a garage so your car doesn't get covered in snow or stalls because of the ice.
Firstly, you went overboard here defending yourself. It's fine to ask a question, that's what this site is for. Secondly, the car alarm cannot go off without a battery, power is required. I also think the car won't start without the battery, though.. If this is the stock alarm, you might want to take it to the dealer and tell them it's malfunctioning. If this is aftermarket, you might want to take it where they installed it. Is your remote working fine? You may have to replace the battery in your key fob. What I'm saying is you may be telling the car to turn off the alarm, but the signal isn't getting there because the remote is dead. If it's not your remote, the problem sounds tricky. That's why I suggested you take it to somebody that can physically look at it. Good luck!
In 1987 I left Louisiana for Maine. Yes it is colder, Yes there are ice storms, yes we got over 100 inches of snow last year. Yes the roads are slippery. What you spend on air conditioning in Louisiana, I spend on heat in Maine. I had to leave because I didn't have a job and had a family to support. Why would he want to give up a job at Fed-ex to become a cop, put himself in harms way, and possibly orphan his kids and make you a widow? It sounds like he is doing what he wants to do, and not what is in the best interest of his family. Anyway, if you go through with this, you need a front wheel drive car with good tires. A good front wheel drive car will get you most anywhere because they plow the roads in Maine. They make studded snow tires that give you even better traction. I had a four wheel drive pickup when I came to Maine. Currently I am on my third one. All wheel drive vehicles are also a good option. Subaru's are popular with a ot of people up here. As far as snow, I have a couple of bulging discs in my back so I finally bought a snow blower when I turned 50. I don't shovel anymore. You will probably like Maryland. I lived in Virginia and it was nice. I don't think they get too much snow in Maryland. We got a few good blizzards in Virginia. In Maine it snows a lot. Shoveling isn't bad when you are young. It isn't even bad when you get older, unless you are doing it 3 times a week and 18 to 20 inches at a time. Then it gets old in a hurry. Imagine what people in Buffalo NY go through. Are you from Louisiana originally? I was born in Opelousas.

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