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Fire Alarm stopped working?

I have been using Fire Alarm Firewall for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden it won't let me get on the internet. It is not in lock down mode. Some update must have affected it. Has anyone else had that problem.


Look like alternator is not charging. The new alternator may be defected (least likely). I think you have fuse problem. Your 1987 Taurus has two fusible links between Alternator and Battery. They are 20 GA(blue) and 14 GA (green). These two fusible links are located at front of left front shock tower and the wire connected to starter relay/solenoid mounted on the fender. Check for open fuse or disconnected wire. If fusible links and wire checked OK, with key off, engine off, use volt meter, you should have battery voltage reading at terminal B of alternator and terminal A of voltage regulator at the back of alternator. If fusible link is bad, check for short circuit before replacing it with a same gage link available at local part store. Crimping and seal the circuit with shrinkable butt connectors and shrink tube with sealant to prevent corrosion. Poor ground can also cause charging problem but it may be the least likely problem here because you don't have starting problem. Please take all precautions safety before working on this problem (wear safety glass, glove, no smoking around battery, .) FYI: Do not disconnect battery terminal while engine is running, A high voltage surge from alternator can kill a lot of electronic components in your car.
it could have a built in fuse in the controll go to the website and look up this model and the parts you may need a simple fuse like for the christmas lights

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