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Fire extinguisher dust?

A cook at my place of employment kicked a box causing the fire extinguisher to go off. The white stuff was everywhere. We just wiped it up, threw away all the exposed food and washed exposed dishes. About an hour later, my co-worker threw up..and now my other co-worker is not feeling good as well. Are they just being paranoid now or do you think that the fire extinguisher caused this?


It requires 4.6V at 1.8A The most simple way to power it up is Make a standard 4.5V battery pack with 3 pieces size D 1.5V cell. It has 4.5V to 4.8V while it is fresh. Use it directly to power your 1 watt laser without need any model or dropping resistor. This power source has life less than 1.5 hour if load it with 1.8A
The health and safety regulations are a good thing. However, the big problem is not the regulations but individual companies interpretation of those basic rules. To my mind the whole health and safety issue should be taken away from the individual and made into normal law where the decisions are reached in a court of law. Whilst we continue to make individuals responsible then the outrages will continue to get worse and worse.

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