Fire proff blanket??? ?

I have 2 small children. And i am wanting to buy a few fire proff blankets for my home. Now if there were a fire on the floor would i be able to throw that blanket on the floor to reach my child and could i throw that blanket around us to help prevent us from catching on fire ?? Im not sure exactly how they work. Where would be a good place to buy really.good quality one that will work in case of emergency.


I tried to make a candle once. One of those little potted candles. I let it burn right on top of my dresser. I left, came back and the glass was cracked and the flames were getting pretty high. I tried blowing it out and then like an IDIOT, I tried to pour water on it. The flames almost touched the ceiling!! I then drenched my tshirt which was on the floor with the rest of the water, I so luckily had in my room and threw it on the flames. That stopped it. Thank GOD. Now theres candle wax all over the top of that ratty old dresser.
The resistance of the system is called head loss or friction loss. It varies with the flow rate and is not in any way a static event. Static pressure refers to the pressure in the system when it is not flowing. Static mean stationary.

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