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First time changing my exhaust system on 95 Dodge Dakota. Any Tips?

I have a 95 Dodge Dakota. My muffler fell off while driving. The exhaust pipes are very rusted. So I am replacing all the pipes and of course a new muffler. Do I need any special tools for changing this. And what level of difficulty is this job.


Do not go to a muffler shop, they are a total rip-off. The right thing to do is to go to the Dodge dealer and price out a genuine Dodge exhaust. They sometimes will deal with you on it. Remember that the original lasted since 1995!! A new system should last even longer if you install a set of Bosch platinum or Fusion or Nippondenso TT's. These will improve fuel burning efficiency and protect your expensive exhaust system components from internal wear-out. The other possibility is to buy an aftermarket higher performance system. This is highly recommended, but only if the system is made from stainless steel for longevity. Happy hunting!!
Unless your buying a complete bolt on system there will be welding that has to be done. The bolt on system isn't had to put on just watch the manifold bolts you might want to spray them with P B Blaster and let them sit for awhile before touching them. But for the time and money a muffler shop could have you in and out in less than an hour.
The glass packs won't be sufficient for back rigidity, yet with no cat your exhaust would have a noisy crackle sound. I did this with my dakota and the sole seems I have been given became from state squaddies pulling me over for a noisy exhaust. i could go away the cat if it artwork positive and do a twin exhaust with the flowmaster muffler. form new magnaflow mufflers sell from 40 to eighty, reckoning on the sequence. Or go away the cat on and positioned a stright pipe as against the muffler sounds incredibly badass.
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