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FJ Cruiser Axle Strength?

I‘m thinking about getting an FJ Cruiser for off roading. I don‘t know much about toyota axles and I haven‘t been able to find much information on them. I‘d like to put 35 tires on it with a long travel suspension lift. How much tire can these axles handle? How strong are they? I know the 07-09‘s had 8 axles, and the newer ones have 8.2 axles. How about the front? what kind of axles are they?ok thanks.


The rear axles are plenty stout. The 8 axles are commonly used for V8 swaps. I'm not familiar with the 8.2 but it looks like they went to it for 2010+ and it should be even stronger. The front diff is quite a bit weaker--it's probably the 7.5 ring gear with the aluminum differential case. A long-travel front kit probably comes with longer, hopefully stronger front axle shafts. Be careful if you use a differential locker in the front--that puts a lot more stress on the half-shafts and CVs. If you leave the front differential open, it's less likely to break something.
May 28, 2018

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