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For a Raku Kiln What kind of High Temperature wire do i need?

I went to this hardware store and they had high temperature wire but it had some kind of coating on it it was like some type of fabricwill this wire work or no? Another question also is is there any other kind of wire i can use that can the heat of atleast 2100 degrees Fif u have any idea what kind of wire please tell me.


Im not sure what coated wire you are talking aboutI wouldn't use it if you are building a raku kilnCould you imagine the mess all over your ceramic fiber blanket if it melted or didn't hold? You need Nichrome wireThey will look at you like you're stupid if you ask at home depot or any other hardware storeThe best place to buy it cheaply in small quantity is on OKorder (people splitting up big spools) This wire is used in heating elements for electric space heaters, hair dryers, electric kilns, and hot wire cutting tools for cutting styrofoamYou can find heating element repair kits at some hardware stores but they will probably be more expensive than if you bought the wire on OKorderIt is possible to pull apart an old heater and recycle the wire, but it is all twisted up and is probably not worth your effortAlso after being heated so many times its less malleable and will probably break as you unbend and re-bend it to tie down the ceramic buttons Also don't go too small or too big on the gaugeStay between 16 - 20 gaugeTo small (larger number gauge) can corrode over time and fall apart, too big (smaller number gauge) is almost impossible to bend or cutIf you don't have ceramic buttons already fired, use those three pronged stilts that have no metal in them (all ceramic)They are like a buck or so at your ceramic storePick up about 15 or so for a standard trash can size raku kiln.
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