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For skylanders on wii is warnado, lightning rod, or camo out?

i just wanted 2 no if warnado or camo was out in stores and if they r what store plz. And also is Drobot good im thinking about getting him


Normally you would not use a compression fitting on a copper pipe anyway, it should be soldered. Depending on where you live the average water pressure in most cities will range from 50-80 psi. Measure the outside diameter of the pipe and use the proper fittings for plumbing . Quick couplers are not recommended in any application except a garden hose. Do not forget the water shut-off valve installed before the water heater (cold or supply ) It sounds like you should really let a professional do this installation before you end up with a flood in your basement from trying to diy. If you did install a compression fitting properly you would find that the ferrul would have crimped the original pipe and you would have to cut the pipe to remove it. You may also be using compression fittings for either flexible tubing or garden hose applications. They would of course be slightly different in diameter than copper pipe. Why would you even be using flexible tubing to connect a water heater in the first place? And are you using the proper type of flexible tubing or just a piece of garden hose? Don`t forget that there are 2 types of flexible tubing , one for cold and one for hot water. Don`t use a cold water pipe on hot water .
If it is a factory alarm, try using the key in the door to lock or unlock the door. This usually will disable the alarm.If you have an aftermarket alarm system installed, you may want to look under the hood for an extra horn that is usually visible. The horn will have two wires usually one black and one red. You can cut the black wire to remove the ground circuit from the horn and the horn will stop blowing. However, you may want to keep in mind that with an aftermarket alarm system, it may be connected with the starting system on the car. So you may have problems there. Disconnecting the horn will only affect the horn and not the rest of the system. Hope this helps.

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