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Ford 9 axle in a Jeep Wrangler?

My friend has an old Ford Pinto for sale with a Ford 9 axle in the rear and I was interested in swapping the axle into my 03 Jeep Wrangler. If its possible, what other changes would I have to make for this and about how much money am I looking at for the swap?


I have done a 9 in a cj using a axle from a pick-up, not to sure about a pinto. Things I would check before I'd get started. 1. measure the width, see how they compare. 2. Check the lug pattern. I know the old models matched, but they have changed the pattern though the years. 3. I think you have coil springs not leafs. This will take a little more fabrication work. After all these you will have to check gears ratio, they have to match front and rear. You will have to find a u-joint to hook the drive shaft to rear end. Currie Enterprises sell parts or complete axles for this change. You can check there prices and compare how much the pinto will cost, all the fab. work, with parts and labor to see which one would be a better deal. You could also check with a local salavage yard to see if you can find a dana 44 out of wrangler that will bolt right up. Good Luck
May 28, 2018
What Mikie said is true. How much money you're going to have to put into this depends on how much of the work you'd be able to do yourself. I'm assuming you'd at least have to get the spring brackets welded on, which shouldn't be too expensive, and you might need to regear, which could be a couple hundred dollars.
May 28, 2018

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