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Four-line sewing machine Bone how to law?

Four-line sewing machine Bone how to law?


The use of the sewing machine to solve the problem can not be completed by many sewing machines (due to the sewing process in the cutting process will form the edge of the yarn and loose edge phenomenon, both affect the sewing of the solid and beautiful), and a package and
It uses needle bar thread take-up, curved needle hook line, forming a seam stitch.
Overlock sewing machine, commonly known as the edge of the machine, edge machine or rolling car, copy machine, copy machine, copy machine.
It is used in knitting, clothing, underwear, shoes, T-shirts, silk, chemical fiber, etc., is the sewing industry indispensable equipment.
Overlock sewing machine according to its sewing stitch can be divided into two-line connector overlock sewing machine, three-line sewing machine, four-line sewing machine and five-line package sewing machine.

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