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Free loader for Wii and Wii games from Bali.?

I just recently went to Bali and bought a truck load of Wii games but when I put the game in it says something like unidentified software or something along those lines. I been looking up some thing about free loader of Wii and was saddened to see an article saying it does not work with bootleg, copies or games bought in Bali, Thailand ETC.I just want to know if this was true I only want to hear from people who have gone through this already. and if there is any way to make the games work? Please I really like all the games I got.


depending on where you get your wii that is the only country that you can get your games in the console can only play the games from the region u purchased it from, my friend have tried this and they ended up in the same as u if u want to play those games then mod or chip ur wii then u'll be able to play them
torrents returned yet confirm you verify the comments and spot if its respected, the data additionally must be an iso. additionally confirm there are a number of seeders in comparison to leechers
Are you sure that they a real games or just copies? You can tell if they are copies if they don't have a case. If they are real, then Freeloader will work with wii firmware 3.3 and lower but NOT 3.4. If you do have have firmware 3.4 you can download the homebrew channel (a 3rd party channel that lets you do lots of stuff on the wii like downloading games made by the homebrew community and other cool stuff) and download geko os to disable of the wii's region lock.

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