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front axle on a 2007 jeep wrangler?

how do i disconect the front axle so i can tow my jeep?


There is no need to disconnect the driveshafts or axles for towing. Simply shift the transfer case (4wd shifter) into Neutral. Tech answer: old-style transfer cases had the oil impellers on the input shafts. shifting into N and flat towing meant the drivetrain was rotating the output shafts at highway speeds while not rotating the input shafts. No lube + highway-speed shaft rotation kaboom. On JK's (2007), as well as TJ's (1997-2006), possibly earlier models, they moved the oil impellers to the output shafts. So now, when flat towing with the TCase in neutral, the rotating driveshafts actuate the lubrication mechanism in the TCase, and everything stays oiled and happy. Details in the user's manual, look under towing or flat towing
Why only the front axle? What about the rear? Are you thinking of leaving the transmission in neutral? A better option is to put the transfer case in neutral and let it roll. OR crawl under and remove the drive shafts.

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