Funky-er clothes?

I justLOVE AnnaSophia Robb's character in Bridge To Terabithia Leslie Burke's clothes and the T-RAD clothes AnnaSophia modeled for. How can I make my clothes like hers? I don't have enough money to buy those type of clothes. Come to think of it, I don't have money to buy any type of clothes at all!


If it's a plastic or fiberglass tub surround, you can cut it out with a saw. Either a circular saw or a reciprocating saw will work but you will have to be very careful to not cut framing members, wires and pipes. Very careful. If it is a porcelin-over-steel tub, it's going to take a lot of muscle. Clear the wall surround away from the top edge of the tub, then make sure that all screws and nails securing the tub are removed. Disconnect the drain and just use your muscles and a crowbar to pry the thing out of there. In my experience it can be done but it's hard work. Good luck!
In a black hole the source of all the gravity is a bunch of tightly packed material.
Rubber Hair Rollers

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