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girls 6th birthday ideas? theme is pink fairy princess.need help please!!?

My daughter is 6 in december and shes asked for a pink fairy princess party.just for her girly friends.food is simple.pink food lol but i have no idea what sort of activities to do?for her 4th party she had bouncy castles and she loved it, and for her 5th last year she had a magic show and discoboth boys and girls were invited so everything was unisex.she loves face painting, bouncy castles etc but do you think she'll be too old for this when shes 6, shes one of the oldest in her class.i already have ideas for party bags so thats pretty much sorted i just dont know what to do for the 3 hour duration of the partyits in a village hall and there will be 16 girls (maximum) including herany help would be much appreciated.Thank you )


You mentioned that this was for her girl friends, so how about spending some of the time making pink princess crowns or tiaras? You can get supplies very reasonable at Walmart or any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael'sYou won't need much more than some pink ribbon, a bag of assorted gems, glitter glue and a base to stick it all on like a hard plastic headbandA long strip of aluminum foil rolled up and circled end to end works well also for a baseGirls that age love to make things and it should take at least half an hour to an hour for them to do thisIf you use a glue gun, be careful, they can get hotThey could also make bracelets or necklaces, buy some assorted beads and cord of some type for them to string them onFor princess wands, buy dowel rods or pretty pencils, have them glue ribbons and either cut out star shapes from fun foam or buy precut starsHave fun :)

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