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Green heavy equipment operation jobs?

what are some quot;Greenquot; heavy equipment operation jobsIm trying to find something i could put my ticket to good use instead of diggin up some holes for homes or broken sewer pipesi want to do something for the environment but i dont know what i could do(egclearing forests of fire damage, getting water to places that need it.) Jobs in western or northern canada perferably, but as long as it can be done in canada it dosent matterthank you


After giving this allot of thought (2 or 3 minutes) I think a deconstruction company might be a good oneYou could take down old buildings, sell the fixtures, sell the lumber, sell the copper, and make sure as much product gets recycled as possibleYou get to use big trucks, cranes, bulldozers and moreYou will save thousands of tons of product from going to a landfill over a lifetime.

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