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Hair turned copper?!?

So I have naturally dark brown hair.My mom had been bugging me to go blonde for like three years, so I finally caved.It turned out a really light copper, like a penny but a few shades lighter. It almost looks pinkish, lol. I CAN'T go to a hair salon to fix this, so don't suggest that unless you'd like to pay for it, haha. What kind of toner should I buy? Or do I just buy another box of dye to fix this? Thank you. :)


you shoulda used a prelightener first, altho the prelightener would bring you to the stage your hair is at now. so i would say put another dye in, but be careful you can damage your hair, the lighter the colour you got the weaker and more brittle your hair becomes. use a good treatment. the reason your hair went copper was because it was so dark in the first stage, the natural steps your hair will go during lightening is ....brown, red, orange/copper,blonde, white, and then disintergration. so as i said be careful doing it yourself its tricky going blonde and getting the right shade you don't want copper but you dont want white or even worse for your hair to fall out. blonde has lot of up keep aswell, roots! sorry but you shouldn't of listened to your mam, maybe you shoulda went for a few highlights!
Dyeing it black could not artwork... so i could say an quite incredibly darkish brown, fairly much black. inspite of the undeniable fact that in case you come across a good sufficient style of hair dye it may artwork. basically pretend your hair is obviously copper and look on the examples on the fringe of the field. It says, in the experience that your hair is obviously ____, this is going to looklike this: and promises a %. So look at those.

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