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Hard physics conceptual question please help!?

Surface Tension The surface of a polar liquid, such as water, can be viewed as a series of dipoles strung together in the stable arrangement in which the dipole moment vectors are parallel to the surface and all point in the same direction. Suppose now that something presses inward on the surface, distorting the dipoles as shown in.(a) Show that the two slanted dipoles exert a net upward force on the dipole between them, and hence oppose the downward external force. (b) Show that the dipoles attract each other and hence resist being separated. The force between dipoles opposes penetration of the liquid's surface and is a simple model for surface tension 


What you would be looking for is a single-cylinder residental ENTRY lock. Keyed on one side, and a lock button on the other side, There are less expensive entry locks available (other than the Kwikset name brand) that use Kwikset type keys and parts. They are knock-off brands and it is these that you can find for less than the Kwikset brand. When at the store, ask the salesperson to show you a Kwikset key blank, as the heads of the keys are distinctive to any particular brand. After seeing what the blank looks like, you can look through the package at the store to see if the keys in the package match the Kwikset style of key. Kwikset type key blanks are the easiest to find if you need an additional key made, and if you lose the keys, Kwikset type entry door locks are the easiest to re-key to a differently coded (cut) key. One problem you might run into is with the length of the latching mechanism ( the part that moves in and out of the edge of the door as you twist the knob). There are generally two different lengths used. If you have the shorter of the two, the latching mechanism of a keyed lock set won't fit if the original installer drilled for the shorter length latching mechanism. It is always a good idea to bring the latching mechanism with yoo to the store to match it with the new one. Do NOT buy a double-cylinder door lock. Key required for both sides of lock, and can easily become dangerous in an emergency situation where you have to get out of the room quickly.
Kryptonite locks are great and very durable. Get one

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