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Has your child pressed the fire alarm at their school?

Would they be comfortable pulling on the fire alarm at school? What would they think about when they are reaching for the lever and would they be scared? What would you tell them if you were standing there with them? Would you help them or give them detailed instructions or how to pull it? Would you hold their hold and help them? What if the little hammer to break the glass was missing?


My son is almost three and I still wear the same maternity shorts because they are so stretchy and comfy. I was an odd size to begin with when I was pregnant so all I did was go up a size. I only bought the few basics I needed for work in maternity clothes. White cotton button down shirts, black pants and maybe a cute top or two. Consignment shops are great to get maternity clothes because you don't really want to pay high prices for something that you won't be able to wear but for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately with my pregnancy my thyroid stopped working and I didn't really lose that much weight but since I just went up in sizes then I had clothes I could fit back into. Hope this helps.
The instructor will automatically give you cues. Treat the manequin exactly as you would a human person (as best you can, most don't have arms or legs) so walk through every step from checking the scene for safety, put your gloves on, check for consciousness, and perform the appropriate skill. The instructor will give you cues as you go like the scene is safe, the person does not respond, there is no pulse, 911 has been called. Essentially the goal is to replicate reality as closely as possible, so you will not need to ask questions in most cases. Make sure you are making it VERY clear what you are doing, count seconds and compressions out loud. Sometimes saying what you are doing as you go helps as well, it just makes it easier for the instructor to give you prompts at the right time. If they do not give you a prompt you can look up at them and ask them, but never ask what now? just ask what you find. Make sure you walk through every step from beginning to end, don't skip putting on gloves just because you may not have actual gloves with you, if you don't have them hold up your hands and say I'm putting on my gloves. You should be able to redo a scenario that you do incorrectly once but try to relax, CPR is very basic the reason most people have trouble is because they get nervous and try to move too fast. Take your time, know your skills and here are a few things that most people forget: Check the scene for safety/put on gloves!!! Calling 911 Checking for pulse Re-opening the airway if initial breaths do not go in These things may seem fairly easy to remember but they are the most common things I see forgotten when people do their scenarios.

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