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have a saab93'04, when I go over a bump-or turn at low speed it sounds like a sneaker in a dryer-only sometime

My car has never had any problems in the past and this has seem to occur out of the blue. It always made squeek shock sounds when it was cold out and going over a bump. But this seems to come and go. If the car is parked and I turn the wheel I can hear the tumbling sound (sneaker in a dryer sound). It doesn't seem to be getting worse (ie louder) but it is more frequent. What could it be? Strout mount? Ball Joint? Shock? Bootie cover thing? Any idea how much this may run me? Where should I take it if I hate the Portland Maine Saab dealership?


Unless the shield and hilt have sharp edges, you should be fine. Some older shields and hilts had sharp points that could double as weapons. Although its not illegal, check with your school, as some schools have different rules. If your school does not allow them, you could face detention or suspension.
Steve is correct. The fire extinguisher will function, probably almost explosively due to the pressure differential of the extinguisher and space (vacuum).
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