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Have you tested your smoke detectors lately?

Just stand on a chair and press the button. It only takes a second.


yeah. Im really fed up with Comcast. Constant rate hikes. Taking channels away. Pixelation on my tv. Constant internet outages. I see their overpaid workers parked in hidden locations all the time doing nothing. By the way my brother and friend work for Comcast. They come and visit me on the clock.
It depends what kind of employee you are. if you are an at-will employee, your employer can practically fire you for anything. Otherwise, he could not terminate you unless it is one of the grounds for termination included in your employment contract.
Don't forget the sunscreen! If you're going to be riding on a plane buy those little bottle shampoos and toiletrees because theyll throw em out for safety purposes. -clothes -beach towels -sandles -comb -bathing suit -shampoo -body wash -books to kill time -iPodx2F;iPad -PHONE CHARGERS
Nothing just a suit and a surfboard. Yes, a surfboard is more than enough to make your weekend rocking. Surfing is what I really say real adventure on beach.

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