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HDMI Cable not playing sound through tv.?

I have a Gateway laptop dont know what kind and a regular HDMI cable. I hooked it up to the tv before and it always worked now it suddenly wont work with ANY HDMI output. I went to control panel and it automatically connects to HDMI on laptop.but it isnt working now. What can I do to fix this anything would help!


If you're using a windows machine go to Control Panel Sound, in Playback tap select your tv and click set as default, hope this helps.
Most laptops do not send an audio signal through the HDMI port. If your does (or did) then it must be software setting somewhere.
HI, A few things I will check. 1. the cable try a different one. 2. check the tv and and using the menu of the on screen guide make sure your audio settings under hdmi are set to digital and not av (2 channel). someone might have changed this. 3. try resetting the hdmi by turning off the tv and the computer, plug in the computer make sure it's running turn the tv back on. (this is called handshake the hdmi has to complete this in order to see the display) Hope this helps joe

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