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Help! I was rear-ended by a large, national company's truck driver?

I was rear-ended at a red light by one of the company's employee after I got off from work (Texas)I spoke with a claims rep company the employee works forThe claims rep says they will NOT accept any liability for any claims 'til she speaks with the employee the investigation is completeThe driver was at fault was given a ticketI have med bills, loss of wages (5 days), ER visit, physical therapy (3 weeks)I asked at-fault company for a loss of wage form - she replied they have no such form to contact my employerI've inquired with the HR dept of my companyThey state most companies DO have a generalized form for loss wages which they will need to have in order to complete the requestI'm not out to sue for $$ but would like to have my vehicle repaired, med bills/therapy/loss of wages paid, etc.My ?: If the company comes with an offer, am I obligated to accept it? Can I hire an attorney AFTER if should I don't agree with offer from at-fault company?


I was in a similar situation a few years ago, when a crane rear ended meI was hoping to deal openly and honestly with the company, but they acted as if it was my fault and refused to payIn retrospect I see they were bullying meI needed an attorney to go after them and force accountabilityMy advice to you- seek legal helpA large company could very well bully you out of what's duly your compensation for lost wages, and damagesLearn from my mistake.

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