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Help in passing chemistry 1a safety quiz?

so I failed my safety quiz for chem 1a so they let me retake it only once, or if I don't pass again, I'll get dropped from the class. I need an 80% to pass. can anyone please tutor me for this? I really wanna stay in this class because it is a major pre-req for my major, civil engineering! I remember some questions like as long as you are done with ur lab, you may take off your goggles and you can wear a tank top as long as you wear a lab coat. those are confusing questions!! so can anyone please please please give me important points I need to know for the safety quiz? I don't want insults or negative comments, as they will be removed/reported. thank you so much!!


to be honest i dont know either but if you want a warm blanket stick it in the dryer for 5-10 minutes, you'll feel cozy and snuggly anyway
I don't think you should worry so much. The blanket probably won't catch on fire. You might get a little warm at night, is all. That was a nice thing for your mom to do for you :)
There is fire risks so you have to be very careful. As long as you only use it when you are awake, then you should be perfectly fine. It was very nice of your mom to buy you one, and yes you don't need to worry as long as your responsible. Although a good alternative would be to just use several blankets and duvets.
Some smoke alarms go off to let you know that the battery is dying, so you can change it and it could also just be that it is broken.
When I was a teenager my family lived in an old house that was hard to heat, me and both my sisters (both are even younger than me) slept with electric blankets. As long as you don't have them turned up so high that you sweat you should be fine. One of my sisters still sleeps with hers and she is an adult. You will be ok.

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