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Help! Our cat pees on our rug! Can anybody help us?

Our cat pees on our rug and we don`t know why. The main part is we can`t get the smell of the rug. We have this huge piece of tinfoil and it says that he would be scared of it and not even walk on it but he walks right over and starts biting at it. Now that the tinfoil is there he won`t pee on the tinfoil but he finds a new spot on the rug. We spray this stuff on the rug that we got from our vet but it would take like 10 bottles of it to take the pee smell off. Is there anything that you tried that takes up smell our anything you think is good to use? We are thinking off letting him be an outdoor cat so he will pee out there but we are not sure. We also have a we also have one of those squirt bottles that we filled up with water so if we catch him then we can squirt him. But we still need help!


You have a couple of things to do. 1. Your cat pees on the rug because there is already the smell of cat urine in and on the rug. He will continue to do this as long as that rug is in your premises. The rug must be removed and the floor underneath assessed. If the floor underneath has any odor, he will pee on it so, that floor would have to be replaced. 2. The most important thing is the fact that since you have a male cat, he be neutered. Neutering should occur at the age of six months and just before he is sexually mature. If he is allowed to reach maturity and then neutered, if he has any ideas about sex, he will spray after being neutered. This is an individual thing. The majority of male cats won't spray but, you must neuter at six months. 3. If there is any urine odor in the house, your cat will spray. Unfortunately, this is the way it is. All the things that you have thought about will not work. It is just that simple. Sad but true. Neutering of the male is the most important thing. 4. In an attempt to retrain him to be a clean cat, lock him in a bathroom with his litter box and food and do this for a number of days. This retraining process may work and may not work but, it is worth a try. I wish you every luck with this problem. It is a difficult one. It is also not the cat's fault. He is only doing what comes naturally.
Aug 23, 2017
we use a spray bottle on our male cat cuz hes onerey. But he got immune to the spray bottle and it doesn't even bother him, so that will only work for so long. You will probably have to use a rug scrubber and scrub it really good, because the cat can still smell it in the rug. You can try using bleach for coloreds (make sure it doesn't ruin the rug first) to take the smell out because cats have good noses and can still smell the smell even once cleaned. You may also have to take the rug up until he learns that its bad. Get him neutered if he isn't already, and see if he straightens up.
Aug 23, 2017
If your cat isnt using the litterbox or cant seem to hold its urine to get to the litterbox in time than I think seeing a vet is necessary to rule out any medical issues like urinary tract infection. If your cat is not fixed that could be the other reason, so as long as your cat is healthy enough getting fixed should solve that issue.
Aug 23, 2017
Litter train him/her.Take the rug off.
Aug 23, 2017

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