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Help with a New transmission?

I have a 99 monte Carlos that will need a new transmission soon would it be any cheaper to put a manual transmission in instead of an automatic? Either way they might cost more than the car is worth anyway


if its already an automatic it might be cheaper to go auto, unless you can find a cheap manual trans with all its components. However I can assure you that a manual trans will outlast an auto trans and it is far less trouble than the auto trans. I have always preferred manual trans as they are less trouble, less expense and more fun to drive Its one of those expenses that initially cost more but in the long run cost way less and are worth the investment especially if the auto trans you would get is used or rebuilt.
Better off to go with an automatic if that is what it is now.
to convert to manual from auto, you will at least need: -Buy a transmission (and this will cost more, because unless you buy from a junkyard, you will lose a core charge from the company selling to you. Core charge can be up to $1,000) -adapter plates to bolt to your engine. -new driveshaft -all linkages and a shifter -hole in the floor for your shifter -re-calibrations of your speedo -recalibration of your car's computer- it thinks you have an automatic -possible re-loaction of transmission mounts/other things that may be in the way I wouldn't do this, unless this is a car you plan on keeping for a very long time. You are right, this very well could cost more than the car is worth.

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