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help with identifying an antique rug?

Hi, I need help with identifying an old rug. A friend of mine, an Englishman who now resides in Florida, possesses this rug. It is white with white tassels, and a black border around the rug itself. The design is quite intriguing as red, black and white are the only colors used. Repeated motifs are a black circle made into quarters, colored in with red, two rows of three black triangles with red dots on them, three sideways flames with lines around them, and what looks like three chickens or three birds, repeated throughout the rug.. My friend was born in Karachi Pakistan in 1965 and this rug was given to his parents by Pakistani friends at the time of his birth...if anyone knowledgeable can help me I.D. this rug, he and I would thank you. We think it may be a Muslim prayer rug...peace. The birds do not show eyes (an Islamic prohibition!)thanksxxxany knowledgeable, serious help would be appreciated.


I've had limited dealings with antique rugs; I used to assist an antiques dealer who dealt with a good number of rugs, including prayer rugs. I do not think from what you are relating that the rug is a Muslim prayer rug. Prayer rugs incorporate the design of a mihrab; that is, the niche in the wall of mosques used to indicate the direction of Mecca, an important consideration in Islamic prayer. If there is no indication of a direction on the rug, it is most likely not a prayer rug. Also, a well-used prayer rug would show signs of wear and tear, particularly wear in the spots where a worshipper knelt for their prayers. If you can see no obvious wear in areas to indicate use, it cannot be an antique. It sounds like a simple household rug of local Pakistani manufacture, not much older than 40 years. The bird design you describe is common, and I have seen it myself in many rugs.
Aug 23, 2017
I trust India. Hang it at the wall...it is quite beautiful. I do see what you imply approximately no longer utilising it. I do not love to intentionally screw with different folks's icons both. The goddess is aware of it's been performed ample with the traditions and trappings of my possess religion and it quite ticks me off. I might no longer intentionally pass out of my solution to disappointed someone by way of sullying their devout symbols. I believe a little extra appreciate for one an additional's devout practices might pass a protracted solution to treatment probably the most gaping rifts on this enormous historical international of ours.
Aug 23, 2017

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