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Help with rug cleaning?

I bought a turquoise accent rug from target and it's bleeding onto my tile. The label says spot clean only but if I put it in the washing machine will all of the color come out? Is there any other way to clean it?


Hmm. I have bought the same type of rug only in a dark blue with the note to spot clean. I had the same thing happen except on linoleum. I didn't really pay much for it so I thought I'd try washing it on a gentle cycle, the materials it was made from was pretty durable (don't know what yours is made of) so I washed alone and added vinegar to the wash (which is said will set the color). I washed mine on a medium load to make sure the water completely covered the rug, add the vinegar to the water as its filling. I poured mine in but if I had to guess I used about 2 cups and don't use detergent. I stopped the cycle and let the rug sit in the solution for about 1/2 hour then continued the wash cycle. I thought it did a good job. I used the vinegar/water wash a few times and noticed that it did help with the bleeding. Good luck whatever you end up doing.
Aug 23, 2017

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