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Help writing a reflective essay!?

Discuss university students /or graduates must show competence in areas of writing, critical thinking effective communication to be successful scholars /or employees!Please assist me in a very timely manner, I need by tonight, I have already written something, but I was told by my lecturer, that I need to get public opinions,so please help me out!!! Any BRILLIANT help would be appreciated and I will give the ten points to the brightest response/s.pleaseeeee!You can email it to me at carlintonfrancisyahoo . or just post it here or a link that could help me!!!


Speed bumps are just a lump of the same thing road are made of, or a type of plastic. The little ridges that rumble the car are done by sawing out lines in the road.
Viper makes excellent alarm systems, but you need to keep two things in mind. 1st) An alarm system depends tremendously on having a skilled technician installing it. So don't rely on a friend or family member, you need a certified MECP installer to do the work for you to make sure it's undectable by thieves, and that it will go off when someone tries to break it. 2nd) The alarms only come with an Impact sensor and door switches, so if someone smashes a window, or opens a door. You can add on extra sensors for different occurances. If you have nice rims and you are afraid of them taking them, get a tilt sensor that will go off once they try to take them off. If you are worried about the trunk or hood, you can get pin switches for both (or even your gas cap). **You will probably want to get one with 2-way aswell, so that when your alarm goes off, it alerts you on your key fob as well, so if you are at work, or in the store, you can run out to check what's going on.

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