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High E string broke for no reason?

So I recently got an Ibanez AEL30SE DV sunburst acoustic-electric guitarMe and my bass player are writing my bands album, and three of the songs are in a tuning called Open D5 where from low to high it went DADADDWhen we got done writing the three songs in that tuning i changed it to Drop C which is a huge difference in tension but recently (the day the string broke) my bass player wanted to show our drummer what we have done and of course I was hesitant at first cause I was worried i would break the G or B stringsI got the G and B in tune and i was fine tuning the B string, I was tuning it down and then the E brokeBut I don't understand how it could do that if i wasn't touching itIf i was and didn't know it, I was still tuning downI was wondering if it was just the consent change in neck tension, a weak string, a bad nut, or whatever it might beIt broke at the tuning post if that helps, it was still in the bridge slot.


I take it that you mean the string broke for no apparent reason, since there's always a reason why this happensPossible reasons may be: - An old, worn and brittle string- A string that is faulty (it does happen, but is very rare)- A burr or sharp edge in a nut slot, at a tuning machine, a bridge saddle or other places where the string passesA string should take being tuned up and downHowever, this may definitely add to premature break, in particular if there's any of the above presentSince you say that the string broke at the tuning post, it is likely that you potentially have a sharp edge thereA piece of very fine sanding paper usually takes care of the problem; same with a small and fine, round filePlease be aware that you may actually make any issues here worse if you don't go very easy.

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