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HOMEWORK URGENT: Cloth material question - polyester?

I am doing a homework which requires me to look for a small piece of cloth, and now I need polyester. I heard that the tag at the back of a T-shirt (where it says ‘100% cloth‘, etc.) is made of polyester. Is that true? Or is there any other way that I can easily find polyester?


I like painting the inside treads on my tires on my Harley but can't find any paint that would stay on or wont crack or peel. Still looking for the paint that'll work on my tires on my Harley?
I don't think it's the tag that is made of Polyester, I think they just meant labels in general show what the fabric is, and anyway you have to be able to prove it. 100% Polyester is used a lot for linings, jackets, dresses, bags etc., and the label should tell you, so you might be able to find something if you have any discarded items like these.
Do you know anyone with an old pair of dress pants, that when ironed, got shiny places on them? Very few things are made of polyester any more because it had a tendancy to form small pills where it rubbed against itself and when ironed with a too hot iron, it got shiny from melting slightly. It is almost indestructable so they use it more now to make things that need to be strong and last a long time like slip covers for furniture, curtains, covers for drainage pipes and the filling for pillows. Maybe if you know someone with some really old clothes, you might be able to find some polyester.
Thrift stores or garage sales is the way to go. I shop at this place by where I live called Once Upon A Child. I just cant buying all brand new clothes when they will only wear it a few times. It can get very expensive. So I shop at that thrift store. And you would be surprised, buying used baby clothes, they are usually in very good condition, almost brand new, well they only wore them for a few months. But look for thrift/resale stores in your area that sell baby clothes. Search for Once Upon A Child, to see if there is any in your area.
I personally would not recommend putting anything on a motorcycle tire for any type of treatment as most will decrease your adhesion to the road so all I have ever done is just scrub my tires with soap and water only

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