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How are real fur coats, bear skin rugs made?

I'd like to know how REAL fur coats, bear skin rugs, etc. are made (by hand not industrial process) as I don't believe its tanning like in leather as it requires the fur to be stripped. I know the animal is killed and harvested, but someone please start after that and tell me as I'm trying to do research for a story I'm working on and I have no experience at this aspect. And if you have an idea of how long they last I'd appreciate it. Also, are they as soft and flexible as it seems or are they harder like leather? Thank you. Also I know its a cruel process and all so please no sarcasm.


Many of us wear them, but we don't actually make them into coats or rugs. They're ALREADY sold in stores ready to wear. My very first fur coat was from a curly lamb suede outside, fur inside.
Aug 23, 2017

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