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how can i balance my handstands?

i can do my hands stands but i never stay up, i always go down into a bridgehow can i stay up on my hands for while longer??


Practising against or just out from a wall will probably helpYou might also want to consider rolling out of your handstands rather than bridgingIt is probably saferA common problem is sticking out your head and arching your backYou should be very straight in your handstand with toes above hips, above shoulders, above handsYou should be looking at your hands but with your eyes not your whole headYour neck should be craned backPractise standing with your arms above your head, pressed in to your ears, and look up at your hands but keeping your neck fairly neutralIt sounds silly but beginners get very confused being upside downWhen you are in your handstand you have to squeeze the muscles in your core and legs very tight to stay nice and straightIf you lose tension you'll lose you'll your balance.

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