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How can I get my dumb windshield wipers to stop?? ahh!?

I have a 2000 Chevy Malibu and I have noticed that when it gets REALLY cold they just will not stop going. Right now it is 3 below (in michigan) and i dont need the wipers going so they are scraping against my windshield. I have tried starting and restarting and clearing the wipers so they can go all the way down and nothing changes. They are just constant. Do i need a new wiper motor? It is so frustrating and I wont be able to take it to the shop for 2 days because I have no time. Please help!


you know i have a s10 blazer, and the other day my wipers did the same thing. i did everything, but they just kept wiping for like 20 mins. but all of a sudden they stopped, and ive never had the problem again. weird isnt it!! i dont have a answer, but you are not alone. i do know it was really cold here in ohio when it happened, but its has not did it since cars are so weird!!!!!!! i hope it doesnt happen again,
You could find the fuse and pull it till you can get it to a shop.
On my car the wipers are automatic, so if they see dirt or moisture on the windshield they kick on. Maybe you have something on the sensor that controls the wipers on your car?

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