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How can I identify which axle is clicking on my Honda Civic?

My axle is clicking -- both sides have new boots (I think the previous owner had them put on). It‘s hard to tell which side is clicking -- I get a louder sound when making a right-hand turn than a left turn, but I‘m not sure if that indicates anything. How can I check which one (or both) is bad?


Turn your steering wheel to the farthest angle, grab a flashlight, and look behind the wheel well to inspect the axle boots (looks like a rubber plunger). If you see any shiny grease on the surface of the boot or tears, that boot needs to be replaced. Perform the same steps to check the other front wheel. Keep in mind that there are inner axle boots also. The one's nearest to the wheel are the outer axle boots. So if both outer boots look good, the inner axle boots could be the one's torn. You'll need to put your car onto jackstands and remove the wheel to get a better view of the inner axle boots. Good luck!
May 28, 2018
You have two ears. Which side does the sound seem to be coming from? Also, more than just axles can cause sounds like that. My Accord has been doing it for over a year, and it has 2 new axles. (I think it's suspension bushings.I really ought to do those.)
May 28, 2018
The best thing is to make a U turn.Louder click on the left turn means left Constant Velocity Joint ( outer ) is bad, and same on the right side.
May 28, 2018

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