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how can i keep my 11 year old keep his clothes on?

soon as he gets home from school he takes all of his clothes off then he runs around the house with no clothes on and he touches his penis time to time and sometimes on and plays with it and i want to know how to keep clothes on him i try the punishments dont work and he said to me look at penis because it was erect at the time but i didnt look at it he said i got a big bird now


Maybe. But it was a technical foul. I mean it's dumb and a piss-ant reason to fire some one. But it happens. Usually there is something else behind it. THey have too many employee;s and you gave them a small reason to fire you.
the firefighter's stream goes 10 meters before landing. x 10. The angle is 40. The speed is 20. These equations make time .6527036447 seconds. gravity is 9.8, downward. the initial height is 0, the resulting height is technically y. y 0 + v0sin(40).6527036447 - 4.905(.6527036447)^2 y 20sin(40).6527036447 - 4.905(.6527036447)^2 the height h at which the building is struck is 6.301358168 meters.

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