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How can I remove Armor All from a motorcycle tire?

So I bought a Sport Bike from this guy, and he had put Armor All on the tires (not just the sides, but the WHOLE tire, front and back.) and I want it removed. Even if it‘s old and dry and not doing anything, I want the peace of mind. Anyone know how to get rid of it? It‘s probably been on the tires for 3-4 months, maybe more.Also, peeling out is not an option, unless you want to buy me new tires :)Thanks


we could desire to presume which you mean 'what's the HORSEPOWER distinction' between the air clear out and chilly-air-induction? (otherwise, the version ought to be glaring) it is one for the dynamometer! the version might rely on how restrictive the inventory air clear out is while in comparison with the HP one, or what temperature air the engine is getting now as against what it might get with CAI. Why no longer do the two?
Spray them with 409 or a similar degreaser then pressure wash or just pull into the self service carwash, use the tire cleaner selection then the soap and then rinse.
Dawn dishwashing liquid, warm water and a Scotch-Brite pad. And about 6 hours labor. If this clod Armor Alled the tires, what other sucker tricks did he pull? Get that bike checked thoroughly.
I would just use a regular detergent and warm water and scrub the tires down real good and see if that works. I definately would not use any type of chemical cleaners on the tire which could weaken the rubber. Then slowly ride around your neighborhood, being sure not to make a sudden turns or stops and that should make sure that the Armor All has been wore off the tire which makes contact with the road. Personally, I would be more concerned about the condition of bike which was owned by some doofuss that Armor Alls motorcycle tires.

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