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How can I stop my dog from hiding behind the sofa?

She's 16 months old and from the shelter (2 weeks ago) who is both crate trained and housebroken. I'm starting to train her with sit, and have weaned her from coprophagia. We have another trained dog, but she doesn't impact this one. I don't mind her going to a safe place, but when she refuses to come out it becomes a problem. I don't want to be in a situation where I move furniture to get her out. I can't block the back of the sofa sufficiently to keep her out; her determination forces her past any obstruction. She's got other places to rest, but seems to have chosen this one. And treats don't work. TIA.


Behind my sofa is the place both my Goldens love to be. It's dark and it very cozy for them to sleep. I think it feels safe for them. I dont mind one bit. They have done this since they were pups. I think they think of it as their den. Your just going to have to work on her trusting you. I think more time is needed in that area then when you call her she will come with out being afraid.
If she's not destructive, and isn't causing a problem otherwise, let her be. She's using it as a safe place. Give her time to adjust and she'll be fine. After two weeks, she's may be wondering when she's going back to the shelter, and needs to she that she isn't. Just give her time and love, maybe grab a good book and join her!
My puppies started hiding under the couch and it was such a pain to always get them out, so I just had the legs taken off the couch -- no more problems since they cannot get under there anymore!
I'm with Bridget. If she's not hurting anything, let her choose to hide. It makes her feel safe, and gradually she will learn that she doesn't need to be scared. Be very gentle and patient with her; she was probably abused or traumatized and it will take a while.
Could you tolerate moving the couch out a few feet for awhile? That way, it's not such a safe place anymore and you can get to her easily. Perhaps she will pick a new place to hide that is better for you both. Just an idea. :)

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