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how can i tow a vehicle with broken drivers axle, should i replace axle before putting it on car hauler?

im using a uhaul car hauler with 4 wheels off ground. car will be 04 accord. truck will be 09 f15. problem is i dont know how to replace the axle. and i cant thind the axle in any store. but just wondering if i can tow it


It's a common axle for an accord. It should be very easy to get. you're towing the car on a flatbed trailer. No problem. all 4 wheels are off the ground. the axle is pretty easy to swap remove the wheel, caliper, remove the brake rotor, remove the axle nut. break loose the tie rod and balljoints, the knuckle will come loose, pop the axle out of the tranny, inspect the seal and replace if needed. then just reverse order to put it back in.
May 28, 2018
properly shall we see It extremely sounds like a Tie rod end. those are some million/2 inch or 1inch diameter. those are what steer your vehicle. based if this may be a rear wheel force or front wheel force. if its a front wheel force there's a Axle noted as a CV joint that connects your Wheel to the transmission and what makes your wheels turn. then you somewhat bought the decrease ball joint that enables Left to authentic action and Up and down. some vehicles have top ball joints and a few in basic terms use the strut/ask your self particularly than the top ball joint. Which they call that a Mac Pherson Setup yet Im rather particular your tie rod end went. if thats all they run approximately $30 to $40 consistent with probability extra value-effective once you replace the only component do the different component besides. yet you are able to desire to have a save examine something of the front end whilst getting the alignment executed. On rear end force vehicles. I in no way heard of a Axle snap and those axles are approximately 4 to 5 inches diameter. and many times a bearing seizes or gears get chipped in those. And yet another element that would reason it somewhat is a stabilizer bar. those are properly known to break and are concerning the comparable length and could make the tire take a seat all incorrect.
May 28, 2018
You'll be fine. There is a HUGE nut holding the front front tire/wheel onto the spindle of the car. Even if the front CV joint fell out, the tire will not come off.
May 28, 2018

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